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United States Presidents

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  1. The president is the leader of this branch of government
  2. He is sometimes called the Father of the Constitution
  3. Polk and Buchanan shared this most common first name for president
  4. Married to Hillary, he was once the governor of Arkansas
  5. He helped bring an end to the Cold War between the US and Russia
  6. The first president
  7. Andrew ____ became president after Lincoln was assassinated
  8. He was a Union general during the Civil War


  1. President from Georgia nicknamed Jimmy
  2. Last name of the second and sixth presidents
  3. The only president to resign from office
  4. Roosevelt who spoke softly and carried a big stick
  5. The number of presidents that are carved into Mount Rushmore
  6. He wrote the Declaration of Independence
  7. He was supreme commander of the US forces during World War II
  8. The 5th president who was known for the ____ Doctrine
  9. First African-American president
  10. President during World War I
  11. Grover who served two non-consecutive terms as president
  12. Roosevelt who served four terms as president
  13. He was assassinated while riding in a convertible car in Dallas, Texas
  14. President during the Civil War
  15. He gave the order to drop the atomic bomb on Japan
  16. Last name of father and son presidents both named George
  17. He served on the Supreme Court after leaving the office of president

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