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Geography of the United States

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  1. Ocean to the east of the United States
  2. The capital city of Texas
  3. The capital city of Georgia
  4. Largest state by area
  5. Lake ____ is the only Great Lake located entirely within the United States
  6. California, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona border this country
  7. This river was used by Lewis and Clark on their exploration of the west
  8. National bird and animal of the United States
  9. Island state
  10. The Mojave ____ is located in Southern California, Utah, Nevada, and Arizona
  11. Most populous city in the United States
  12. Mountain range along the east coast
  13. Mountain range along the border between California and Nevada


  1. The ____ Canyon was carved out by the Colorado River
  2. This river flows across the middle of the United States from Minnesota to Louisiana
  3. Country that borders the United States to the north
  4. Large area of flat land in the Midwest portion of the United States
  5. Mountain range that stretches from Canada to New Mexico
  6. Lowest point in the United States
  7. The ____ is the body of water south of Louisiana
  8. The capital of this state is Phoenix
  9. Most of this national park is located in Wyoming where you can find the geyser Old Faithful
  10. Ocean to the west of the United States
  11. Largest state by population
  12. ____, D.C. is the capital city
  13. Mount ____ of Alaska is the highest point in the United States

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