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Geography of South America

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      5            6
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  1. The capital city of this country is Buenos Aires
  2. The capital city of this country is Bogota
  3. The statue of Christ the Redeemer looks over this city
  4. The largest lake in South America located high in the Andes Mountains
  5. Small country located between Venezuela and Suriname
  6. Ocean to the west of South America
  7. Most populous city in Brazil
  8. There is very little of this in the Atacama Desert
  9. Region in southern Argentina and Chile
  10. Capital city of Chile
  11. This country is on the equator and was named after the equator
  12. Word for river
  13. Sea to the north of Venezuela


  1. The tallest waterfall in the world is in Venezuela
  2. Mountain range along much of the west coast of South America
  3. Capital city of Peru
  4. Landlocked country bordering Brazil, Peru, Chile, Paraguay, and Argentina
  5. Longest river in South America
  6. The largest country in South America
  7. This biome covers much of the Amazon Basin along the Amazon River
  8. Famous lost city of the Incan Empire
  9. United Kingdom Islands claimed by Argentina
  10. Language spoken in Brazil
  11. Ocean off the east coast of Brazil
  12. Second longest river in South America. It ends near Buenos Aires.

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