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Scientists and Inventors

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  1. An entomologist studies these
  2. A paleontologist may study the fossils of this ancient creature
  3. Shaky events studied by seismologists
  4. These types of biologists have an interest in ocean life
  5. Branch of science that studies life and living organisms
  6. Johannes Gutenberg brought the ____ press to Europe
  7. She was radioactive
  8. Alexander Graham Bell invented this
  9. A scientist who studies animals
  10. Isaac who discovered gravity
  11. This George Washington was a farmer's best friend
  12. He set up an invention lab at Menlo Park
  13. He invented the cotton gin
  14. The Wright Brothers invented the first one of these


  1. Antoine Lavoisier is often called the father of this branch of science
  2. Watson and Crick discovered the structure of this molecule
  3. A modern-day scientist who wrote A Brief History of Time, first name Stephen
  4. He first used the telescope to study the planets and stars
  5. The Model T from this man's company was the first mass produced car
  6. He helped to found the United States in between inventions
  7. A meteorologist may give us a forecast for this
  8. Jane Goodall worked with these animals in the wild
  9. Einstein came up with the Theory of ____
  10. This type of scientist studies the stars and planets
  11. ____Pasteur founded the science of germ theory

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