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Earth Science - Renewable Energy

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  1. Energy that can be replenished; windmills, solar power
  2. The average weather measurements over a long period of time
  3. A drawback to burning biomass for energy
  4. The main ingredient for ethanol, it's sweet
  5. These can provide hydropower and create a man-made lake
  6. Turning trash into new products
  7. ____ fuels include coal and oil
  8. Renewable energy is good for this
  9. We get ____ power from the Sun


  1. Solar power can be used to generate this, it's hot
  2. Wind causes the ____ of a turbine to spin
  3. This type of biofuel can be used in many cars
  4. When garbage rots it produces this type of gas
  5. This type of energy comes from the pull of gravity of the moon and the spinning of the Earth
  6. Energy that is generated using the heat from the Earth
  7. Solar ____ convert photons from the sun into electricity
  8. This type of energy comes from plants and animals
  9. Most renewable energy is used to create this, it's shocking
  10. ____ turbines generate electricity without creating pollution
  11. Energy generated from moving water
  12. Non-renewable energy uses up the Earth's _____
  13. Much of the electricity in the United States is generated by burning this
  14. We can generate electricity from the ____ of the ocean
  15. Main drawback to wave and tidal energy

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