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Biology - Plants

2              3        45
  89  10       
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  1. Process by which plants use sunlight to make food
  2. The stamen produces this
  3. Apple, orange, banana, lemon
  4. How many plants begin their lives
  5. Angiosperm plants produce these
  6. You can tell how old a tree is by counting these
  7. Deciduous trees shed their leaves during this season
  8. Conifers reproduce using these
  9. Plants that have green leaves throughout the year
  10. This plant structure supports the leaves and flowers
  11. Waxy protective layer on the surface of plants
  12. The plant kingdom


  1. Plants need ___, sunlight, and carbon dioxide for photosynthesis
  2. A bright colorful leaf of a flower
  3. Sharp and pointy plant defenses
  4. Plants that don't use seeds to reproduce use these instead
  5. Stage of plant life when the seed begins to grow
  6. These grow underground
  7. These collect carbon dioxide and sunlight for the plant
  8. Plants use chlorophyll to capture energy from this
  9. Plants breathe out this gas
  10. ____ plants have specific tissues that help them to move water and other materials through the plant
  11. Trees and bushes have this on their branches and stems to protect from insects and diseases

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