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Geography of the Middle East

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  1. This country's name rhymes with a yellow fruit and is the southernmost country of the Middle East
  2. This country is part of Africa, but is often considered part of the Middle East
  3. Ocean to the southeast of the Middle East
  4. Gulf between Iran and Saudi Arabia
  5. Most common language spoken in the Middle East
  6. A Palestinian Territory to the "west" of Israel
  7. Largest city in Turkey that was once called Constantinople
  8. The capital city of Syria
  9. The capital city of Iraq
  10. Sea which borders Israel, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, and Egypt
  11. The lowest point on Earth


  1. The capital of this country is Muscat
  2. A large body of water to the west of Saudi Arabia
  3. Region in Iraq between the Tigris and Euphrates
  4. The Arabian ____ takes up much of Saudi Arabia
  5. The capital of this country is Tehran
  6. An important energy resource found in the Middle East
  7. Egyptian peninsula that borders on Israel
  8. Longest river in the world
  9. The Tigris and Euphrates are ____
  10. The Rub Al Khali is the largest ___ desert in the world
  11. Largest lake in the world borders on northern Iran
  12. Manmade waterway from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea
  13. Mountain range in western Iran
  14. The capital city of Jordan

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