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Colonial America

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  1. William _____ was governor of Plymouth Colony
  2. Women often wore a mob ____ that covered their hair
  3. Number of English colonies that later formed the United States
  4. Who the French fought in the French and Indian War
  5. Men sometimes wore powdered versions of these
  6. Breeches were a type of these that men wore during Colonial Times.
  7. The cobbler made these
  8. Building a town used to store weapons and gunpowder
  9. The Hudson ____ was named after explorer Henry Hudson
  10. Chandlers made these out of tallow
  11. The Pilgrims sailed to America on this boat


  1. Native American girl who saved the life of Captain John Smith
  2. Plymouth, Massachusetts Bay, Virginia, Georgia, etc.
  3. Colony established by James Oglethorpe
  4. A gun with a long barrel used before rifles were invented
  5. This first colony failed and is sometimes called the "Lost Colony"
  6. The Puritans came to America in search of religious ____
  7. The Salem ____ Trials were held in Massachusetts
  8. These people established the Plymouth Colony in search of religious freedom
  9. Quaker William who established the colony of Pennsylvania
  10. The first permanent English settlement led by John Smith
  11. Native American who helped the Pilgrims survive the winter
  12. Place where women worked during Colonial times

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