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Geography of Asia

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  1. Ocean located to the east of Asia
  2. The giant ____ bear can only be found in China
  3. Large desert in southern Mongolia and Northern China
  4. Very high mountain range between China and India
  5. North and South with a border on the 38th parallel
  6. Island nation with the capital city of Tokyo
  7. The Takla Makan is one of these
  8. The capital city of this country is Ulaanbaatar
  9. This country is famous for the Taj Majal
  10. The highest point in the world


  1. The Bay of ____ is located to the east of India
  2. The most populous country in the world
  3. This "stan" with the capital city of Astana used to be part of the Soviet Union
  4. The largest country in the world by area
  5. The longest river in Asia is located in China
  6. Ocean located to the south of Asia
  7. This island nation officially calls itself the Republic of China
  8. The capital city of Taiwan
  9. The capital city of South Korea
  10. The capital city of this country is Islamabad
  11. This country is located between China and India and is home to Mount Everest
  12. Famous river in India travels through Bangladesh and into the Bay of Bengal
  13. River in China and also the Imperial color of China
  14. ____ Baikal has the greatest volume of freshwater in the world

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