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Soccer software

Soccer Roster Assistant is an easy to use free software program designed to help coaches manage their teams. Whether you manage a city soccer team, club team, traveling soccer team, or school team, we hope this free soccer roster software will help make your job a little easier.

Key features in the Soccer team roster software include team rosters, separate rosters for each game showing who played what period, and reports allowing you to print out rosters and track past history. By tracking who plays what position for each soccer game and period, you can make sure that each soccer player gets their proper playing time as well as who played which positions such as goal keeper, midfielder, forward, and defender.

Soccer Roster Software
Soccer Roster software main screen - Click to see larger version

The main screen of Soccer Roster software shows all the games that have been entered as well as the list of soccer players. Each game is shown by date, opponent, and score. This allows soccer coaches to see which rosters perform the best against certain other soccer teams. You can also track who started and who came off the bench.

Enter Player Positions
Soccer team game roster screen - Click to see larger version

For each game during the season the coach enters in who played, or is going to play, which position for each period. This is done on the "new roster" or "edit roster" screen. Soccer players can be selected via the drop down or, if they haven't been entered yet, just type in the name and the player will be added to the permanent soccer roster for that team.

We hope this software program helps coaches track their soccer team more easily. Be sure to check back and get updates. We plan to update this software occasionally to bring in new features.

Enjoy and now get out there and play some soccer!

(note: we apologize to those who prefer the more worldwide popular name of the sport, football)

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