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We know that one of the most difficult things for any baseball, pony, little league coach can be to determine the roster for each game. Making sure play time is fair for the players, tracking innings pitched, keeping parents happy all while trying to win games is never easy. We've tried to create a program to help coaches out. Baseball Roster Assistant is a software program designed for baseball coaches to track their team's roster. Each game can be individually tracked with who played what inning and what baseball position they played. The Date of the game, opponent, and win vs. loss record is also tracked so coaches can determine which roster and line up is having the most game day success. This also allows baseball coaches to keep a record of how many innings a player is getting each game and to insure each baseball player gets the play time they deserve.

Baseball Roster Software
Here is a picture of the main screen showing the baseball team roster and a list of games played.
Click screen to see larger version

Another thing Baseball Roster Software allows is for coaches to easily plan baseball games ahead of time and for who gets what position making sure that pitchers play the right amount of innings and promises for certain positions are tracked. Help is included with the Baseball Roster software as well as a printout report of the roster for each baseball game to be used during the game.

Enter Player Positions
Here is a shot of the baseball game roster where each players position is tracked per inning.
Click screen to see larger version

This baseball program is free to download and use. We are constently trying to improve the software so be sure to check back now and then for updates. We plan new and, hopefully, better reports or print outs in future versions (more innings on a single page). We hope you enjoy it, now go out and play some baseball!

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