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Theodore Roosevelt.

1. Theodore Roosevelt was the _______ President of the United States.
a. Twenty-second
b. Twenty-third
c. Twenty-fourth
d. Twenty-fifth
e. Twenty-sixth

2. Who was Theodore Roosevelt's wife?
a. Ellen Lewis Herndon
b. Frances Folsom
c. Caroline Lavinia Scott
d. Ida Saxton
e. Edith Kermit Carow

3. Who was the Vice President of the United States under Theodore Roosevelt?
a. Garret Hobart and Theodore Roosevelt
b. Charles Warren Fairbanks
c. Thomas Hendricks and Adlai Stevenson
d. Levi Morton
e. None

4. What was President Theodore Roosevelt's nickname?
a. Idol of Ohio
b. Trust Buster
c. Elegant Arthur
d. Uncle Jumbo
e. Little Ben

5. Where was President Theodore Roosevelt born?
a. Ohio
b. New York
c. Virginia
d. Vermont
e. New Jersey

6. During what war did Theodore Roosevelt make his famous charge up San Juan Hill in Cuba?
a. War of 1812
b. Mexican-American War
c. French Revolution
d. Spanish-American War
e. American Civil War

7. What was the nickname of the volunteer forces Roosevelt commanded in Cuba during the war?
a. Teddy's Boys
b. Trust Busters
c. Rough Riders
d. Bull Moose
e. Colonels

8. What important waterway was built while Theodore Roosevelt was President of the United States?
a. Panama Canal
b. Erie Canal
c. Suez Canal
d. Grand Canal
e. Bridgewater Canal

9. Theodore Roosevelt was known for saying 'Speak softly and carry a ____ ____.'
a. Loaded gun
b. Large umbrella
c. Sharp knife
d. Pocket watch
e. Big stick

10. What type of businesses was Theodore Roosevelt known for breaking up?
a. Partnerships
b. Trusts
c. Cooperatives
d. Banks
e. Oil companies

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