Rutherford B. Hayes

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Rutherford B. Hayes.

1. Rutherford B. Hayes was the _______ President of the United States.
a. Sixteenth
b. Seventeenth
c. Eighteenth
d. Nineteenth
e. Twentieth

2. Who was Rutherford B. Hayes's wife?
a. Lucretia Rudolph
b. Mary Todd
c. Eliza McCardle
d. Julia Dent
e. Lucy Ware Webb

3. Who was the Vice President of the United States under Rutherford B. Hayes?
a. William Wheeler
b. Chester A. Arthur
c. Hannibal Hamlin and Andrew Johnson
d. Schuyler Colfax and Henry Wilson
e. None

4. What was Rutherford B. Hayes 's nickname?
a. Unconditional Surrender
b. His Fraudulency
c. Preacher President
d. Honest Abe
e. The Veto President

5. Where was Rutherford B. Hayes born?
a. North Carolina
b. New York
c. Virginia
d. Ohio
e. Kentucky

6. During what war was Rutherford B. Hayes shot several times?
a. War of 1812
b. American Civil War
c. French Revolution
d. Mexican-American War
e. Spanish-American War

7. Who was Rutherford B. Hayes's rival when running for president?
a. Ulysses S. Grant
b. Andrew Johnson
c. Samuel Tilden
d. James Garfield
e. Chester A. Arthur

8. What did Republicans agree to give the South in order for them to accept Hayes as president?
a. They agreed that federal troops would be removed from the South
b. They agreed that Southern plantations could keep their slaves
c. They agreed for lower taxes in the South
d. They agreed to rebuild the city of Atlanta
e. They agreed to led the South secede

9. How many terms did Rutherford B. Hayes serve as President of the United States?
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4
e. 5

10. Which of the following is true about Rutherford B. Hayes?
a. His wife served lemonade at the White House instead of alcohol
b. He worked to protect the rights of black citizens in the southern states
c. He held the first Easter Egg Roll at the White House
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

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