Martin Van Buren

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Martin Van Buren.

1. Martin Van Buren was the _______ President of the United States.
a. Sixteenth
b. Sixth
c. Fifth
d. Seventh
e. Eighth

2. Who was Martin Van Buren's wife?
a. Hannah Hoes
b. Rachel Donelson
c. Louisa Catherine Johnson
d. Anna Tuthill Symmes
e. Letitia Christian and Julia Gardiner

3. Who was the Vice President of the United States under Martin Van Buren?
a. John Caldwell Calhoun and Martin Van Buren
b. John Tyler
c. Richard M. Johnson
d. Daniel Tompkins
e. He didn't have a vice president

4. What was Martin Van Buren's nickname?
a. The Little Magician
b. Old Tippecanoe
c. Old Hickory
d. His Accidency
e. Old Man Eloquent

5. Where was Martin Van Buren born?
a. Tennessee
b. Massachusetts
c. Ohio
d. New York
e. North Carolina

6. What language did Martin Van Buren primarily speak at home while growing up?
a. English
b. Dutch
c. Spanish
d. German
e. Swedish

7. Under what president did Martin Van Buren serve as Vice President of the United States?
a. James Madison
b. James Monroe
c. Andrew Jackson
d. John Adams
e. John Quincy Adams

8. What event defined the presidency of Martin Van Buren?
a. War of 1812
b. Texas became a U.S. state
c. War with France
d. Start of the American Civil War
e. Stock market crash of 1837

9. True or False: He was the first U.S. President that was born a citizen of the United States and the only president to speak English as a second language.

10. What event occurred as Martin Van Buren continued to force Native Americans to move west?
a. King Philip's War
b. Battle of Little Bighorn
c. Wounded Knee Massacre
d. Trail of Tears
e. French and Indian War

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