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John Tyler.

1. John Tyler was the _______ President of the United States.
a. Tenth
b. Sixth
c. Ninth
d. Seventh
e. Eighth

2. Who was John Tyler's wife?
a. Hannah Hoes
b. Rachel Donelson
c. Louisa Catherine Johnson
d. Anna Tuthill Symmes
e. Letitia Christian and Julia Gardiner

3. Who was the Vice President of the United States under John Tyler?
a. John Caldwell Calhoun and Martin Van Buren
b. John Tyler
c. Richard M. Johnson
d. Daniel Tompkins
e. He didn't have a vice president

4. What was John Tyler's nickname?
a. The Little Magician
b. Old Tippecanoe
c. Old Hickory
d. His Accidency
e. Old Man Eloquent

5. Where was John Tyler born?
a. Tennessee
b. Massachusetts
c. Ohio
d. New York
e. Virginia

6. Under what president did John Tyler serve as Vice President of the United States?
a. William Henry Harrison
b. James Monroe
c. Andrew Jackson
d. Martin Van Buren
e. John Quincy Adams

7. What political party did John Tyler belong to when he became president, but was later kicked out of?
a. Democratic Party
b. Federalist Party
c. Whig Party
d. Republican Party
e. Libertarian Party

8. What law signed by John Tyler allowed settlers to claim land before it was for sale and then buy it later?
a. Homestead Act
b. Log Cabin Bill
c. Free Land Bill
d. Ohio Act
e. Louisiana Purchase

9. What future state did John Tyler annex so it could become a part of the United States?
a. Ohio
b. Michigan
c. Oregon
d. Texas
e. California

10. What did John Tyler do during the Civil War?
a. He was a member of the Confederate Congress
b. He was president of the United States at the start of the war
c. He was a general in the Union Army
d. He was president of the Confederacy
e. He was a spy for the South

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