James Madison

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James Madison.

1. James Madison was the _______ President of the United States.
a. Sixteenth
b. Third
c. First
d. Fourth
e. Second

2. Who was James Madison's wife?
a. Martha Dandridge
b. Abigail Smith
c. Martha Wayles Skelton
d. Dolly Payne Todd
e. Elizabeth Kortright

3. Who was the Vice President of the United States under James Madison?
a. John Caldwell Calhoun
b. Thomas Jefferson
c. George Clinton and Elbridge Gerry
d. John Adams
e. Daniel Tompkins

4. What was James Madison's nickname?
a. Father of American Independence
b. Father of the Declaration of Independence
c. Father of the Constitution
d. The Era of Good Feelings President
e. Father of His Country

5. Where was James Madison born?
a. North Carolina
b. Massachusetts
c. Ohio
d. New York
e. Virginia

6. What essays did James Madison write in order to convince the states to join the United States?
a. Federalist Papers
b. Bill of Rights
c. Constitution Papers
d. Essays of Democracy
e. Republic Papers

7. What law did James Madison help get passed that protected the basic rights of the Citizens?
a. Social Security Act
b. Bill of Rights
c. Fourteenth Amendment
d. Civil Rights Act
e. Federalist Laws

8. What war was the United States involved in while James Madison was president?
a. Civil War
b. French-Indian War
c. War of 1812
d. World War I
e. Napoleonic Wars

9. Who led the U.S. to victory at the Battle of New Orleans?
a. Jacob Brown
b. Henry Dearborn
c. James Wilkinson
d. Andrew Jackson
e. Alexander Hamilton

10. What political position did James Madison hold while Thomas Jefferson was president?
a. Vice President
b. Speaker of the House
c. Secretary of the Treasury
d. Supreme Court Justice
e. Secretary of State

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