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George W. Bush.

1. George W. Bush was the _______ President of the United States.
a. Fortieth
b. Forty-first
c. Forty-second
d. Forty-third
e. Forty-fourth

2. Who was George W. Bush's wife?
a. Michelle Robinson
b. Barbara Pierce
c. Patricia Ryan
d. Hillary Rodham
e. Laura Lane Welch

3. Who was the Vice President of the United States under George W. Bush?
a. Richard Cheney
b. Joseph Biden
c. Dan Quayle
d. Nelson Rockefeller
e. Al Gore

4. What was President George W. Bush's nickname?
a. Comeback Kid
b. W
c. Barry
d. The Great Communicator
e. Poppy

5. Where was President George W. Bush born?
a. Ohio
b. Arkansas
c. Connecticut
d. Hawaii
e. Virginia

6. Which of the following political offices did George W. Bush hold before becoming President of the United States?
a. Senator
b. Member of the House of Representatives
c. Governor of Texas
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

7. Who did George W. Bush narrowly defeat in the hotly contested 2000 presidential election?
a. Bill Clinton
b. John Kerry
c. Ralph Nader
d. Al Gore
e. Hillary Clinton

8. What terrorist attack prompted George W. Bush to invade the country of Afghanistan?
a. Bombing of Pan Am Flight 103
b. Oklahoma City Bombing
c. Boston Marathon Bombings
d. Centennial Park Olympic Bombing
e. September 11 Attacks

9. What country did the United States invade because they believed the country was making weapons of mass destruction?
a. France
b. Iraq
c. Iran
d. Saudi Arabia
e. Afghanistan

10. What terrorist group orchestrated the September 11 attacks?
a. al-Qaeda
b. Hezbollah
d. Taliban
e. Boko Haram

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