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Donald Trump.

1. Donald Trump was the _______ President of the United States.
a. 42nd
b. 43rd
c. 44th
d. 45th
e. 46th

2. Who was Donald Trump's wife when he became President of the United States?
a. Michelle Robinson
b. Barbara Pierce
c. Patricia Ryan
d. Melania Knauss
e. Laura Lane Welch

3. Who was the Vice President of the United States under Donald Trump?
a. Mike Pence
b. Joseph Biden
c. Dan Quayle
d. Nelson Rockefeller
e. Al Gore

4. What was President Donald Trump's nickname?
a. Comeback Kid
b. The Donald
c. Barry
d. The Great Communicator
e. Poppy

5. Where was President Donald Trump born?
a. Ohio
b. Arkansas
c. Connecticut
d. Hawaii
e. New York

6. Where did Donald Trump graduate from college?
a. Harvard Business School
b. Princeton Law School
c. Wharton School of Finance
d. New York University
e. He didn't go to college

7. Donald Trump became very wealthy working in what business?
a. Stock market
b. Real estate development
c. Banking
d. Oil
e. Automobile manufacturing

8. Which of the following reality TV shows made Donald Trump a household name?
a. The Bachelor
b. Survivor
c. American Idol
d. The Apprentice
e. The Real World - New York

9. What Democrat did Donald Trump defeat in the 2016 general election for President of the United States?
a. Hillary Clinton
b. Ted Cruz
c. Mitt Romney
d. Barack Obama
e. Bernie Sanders

10. What was Donald Trump's campaign slogan during the 2016 presidential election?
a. Peace and Prosperity
b. For the Future
c. It's Morning Again in America
d. Return to Normalcy
e. Make America Great Again

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