Susan B. Anthony

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Susan B. Anthony.

1. Where was Susan B. Anthony born?
a. Ohio
b. Arkansas
c. Connecticut
d. Massachusetts
e. Virginia

2. What is Susan B. Anthony most known for?
a. Running a major cosmetics business
b. Fighting for the right for women to vote
c. The first woman Senator of the United States
d. Queen of France during the French Revolution
e. The founder of environmental science

3. What job did Susan take in order to help pay for her father's debts?
a. Teacher
b. Coal miner
c. Weaver
d. Farmer
e. Seamstress

4. What was the name of the civil rights newspaper that Susan B. Anthony helped run?
a. Women's Gazette
b. The Suffragette
c. The Activist
d. Daily Women's News
e. The Revolution

5. What famous women's rights activist helped Susan B. Anthony to form the National Women's Suffrage Organization?
a. Lucy Stone
b. Henry Blackwell
c. Elizabeth Cady Stanton
d. Julia Ward Howe
e. Harriet Tubman

6. Susan B. Anthony was fined $100 for taking what action during the 1872 elections?
a. Protesting
b. Marching
c. Holding a sign
d. Voting
e. Running for office

7. True or False: Susan B. Anthony was 72 years old when women were finally given the right to vote.

8. What does 'women's suffrage' mean?
a. The right of women to vote
b. Domestic violence
c. Women slavery
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

9. What amendment to the United States Constitution guaranteed women the right to vote?
a. Tenth Amendment
b. Thirteenth Amendment
c. Fifteenth Amendment
d. Seventeenth Amendment
e. Nineteenth Amendment

10. How much is a Susan B. Anthony coin worth?
a. 25 cents
b. 50 cents
c. 1 dollar
d. 2 dollars
e. 5 dollars

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