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Winston Churchill.

1. Winston Churchill is known for leading Great Britain during what war?
a. Hundred Years War
b. War of 1812
c. Crimean War
d. World War I
e. World War II

2. Which of the following best describes Winston Churchill's family as a child?
a. He was an orphan and did not know his parents
b. He came from a wealthy aristocratic family
c. His father was King of Great Britain
d. He grew up on a small farm in northern England
e. His family were Irish tradesmen

3. What heroic deed did Winston Churchill perform during the Second Boer War?
a. He escaped capture and traveled 300 miles to freedom
b. He smuggled secret codes across enemy lines
c. He was a spy who discovered enemy troops near the border
d. He assassinated the leader of the enemy
e. Winston Churchill did not take part in the Second Boer War

4. How did Churchill's predecessor Neville Chamberlain want to handle Adolf Hitler?
a. He wanted to fight and defeat Hitler
b. He wanted to attack Germany
c. He wanted to have Hitler removed from office
d. He wanted to appease Hitler to avoid war
e. None of the above

5. Churchill allied Great Britain with what two major world powers to defeat Hitler and Germany?
a. France and Denmark
b. Italy and Spain
c. Soviet Union and the United States
d. Spain and the United States
e. Soviet Union and Sweden

6. After World War II ended, what war began between the Soviet Union and the Western nations of NATO?
a. Crimean War
b. Cold War
c. Boer War
d. Afghanistan War
e. Iraq War

7. True or False: Winston Churchill was also a writer who won the Nobel Prize for literature.

8. What college or university did Winston Churchill attend?
a. Oxford
b. Edinburgh
c. Cambridge
d. Eton
e. Royal Military College

9. What position did Winston Churchill hold when World War II began?
a. Prime Minister
b. Secretary of State for Justice
c. Attorney General
d. First Lord of the Admiralty
e. He held no public position at the time

10. True or False: Churchill had a heart attack during World War II in 1941.

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