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Thomas Edison.

1. Where was Thomas Edison born?
a. Illinois
b. Wisconsin
c. New Jersey
d. Ohio
e. New York

2. What did Thomas Edison do in order to be rewarded with training to be a telegraph operator?
a. He invented the telegraph
b. He saved a child from a runaway train
c. He passed a very difficult test on Morse Code
d. He was an excellent student in school
e. He won an archery contest

3. Which of the following major corporations was founded by Thomas Edison?
a. General Motors
b. Apple
c. Microsoft
d. Amazon
e. General Electric

4. Where did Thomas Edison build his famous research labs?
a. Menlo Park, New Jersey
b. New York City, New York
c. Chicago, Illinois
d. Pontiac, Michigan
e. Baltimore, Maryland

5. True or False: Thomas Edison liked to work alone and created all his inventions by himself.

6. What was the phonograph?
a. A way of sending messages down an electrical wire
b. A machine used to record moving pictures
c. A machine that could record and playback sound
d. The first digital camera
e. A first cellular telephone

7. What was Thomas Edison's Middle name?
a. Edward
b. James
c. George
d. Alva
e. He didn't have a middle name

8. True or False: Thomas Edison had over 1000 patents to his name.

9. Which of the following inventions is credited to Thomas Edison?
a. The practical electric light bulb
b. The television
c. The transistor
d. The helicopter
e. The atomic bomb

10. What were the first words recorded on the phonograph?
a. Mr. Watson come here, I want to see you.
b. Hello, can anyone hear me?
c. Mary had a little lamb
d. This is a test, this is only a test.
e. The alphabet

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