Suleiman the Magnificent

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Suleiman the Magnificent.

1. Suleiman the Magnificent was born in what modern day country?
a. Iraq
b. Iran
c. Egypt
d. India
e. Turkey

2. Which of the following best describes Suleiman's youth?
a. He was an orphan who had to work his way to the top
b. He grew up in a small nomadic tribe
c. He grew up in the palace of his father the Sultan
d. He was the son of a farmer who became famous in battle
e. He had little education and lived on the streets of Cairo

3. At what age did Suleiman become Sultan of the Ottoman Empire?
a. 7
b. 12
c. 19
d. 26
e. 45

4. What region of the world did Suleiman conquer while he was emperor?
a. Parts of Romania and Hungary
b. Lands and cities in Northern Africa
c. The lands of the Safavids in the Middle East
d. The Mediterranean Sea
e. All of the above

5. Suleiman suffered his first defeat to the Europeans when laying siege to what city?
a. Vienna
b. Rome
c. Paris
d. Moscow
e. Athens

6. When did Suleiman rule?
a. 1300s
b. 1400s
c. 1500s
d. 1600s
e. 1700s

7. True or False: Suleiman received little education and could not read or write.

8. How did Suleiman die?
a. He was assassinated by crossbow
b. He died in a major battle in India
c. He became sick and died while on campaign in Hungary
d. He died from injuries sustained from being thrown from his horse
e. He died in his palace from old age

9. True or False: Suleiman's closest advisor and Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire was a former slave.

10. What title did Suleiman take as the leader of the Muslim world?
a. King
b. Tsar
c. President
d. Caliph
e. Premier

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