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1. When was Saladin born?
a. 602 BCE
b. 210 BCE
c. 534 CE
d. 1137 CE
e. 1422 CE

2. Where does the name Saladin come from?
a. It was his birth name after his father
b. It is the western version of Salah al-Din
c. It is a nickname meaning 'killer of snakes'
d. It is a mountain near where he was born
e. It is the Arabic word for king

3. Which of the following best describes Saladin's youth?
a. He was an orphan who joined the army at an early age
b. He grew up on a ship with his pirate father
c. He grew up in a castle and had a good education
d. His parents were peasant farmers
e. He was heir to the throne of the Islamic Empire

4. Saladin first came to power when he became Emir of what region?
a. Egypt
b. Iraq
c. Syria
d. Lebanon
e. India

5. True or False: When Saladin arrived in Damascus after Nur al-Din died, he peacefully gained control of the entire Islamic Empire.

6. Who did Saladin fight in order to gain control of the city of Jerusalem?
a. Syrians
b. Egyptians
c. Fatimids
d. Babylonians
e. Crusaders

7. Saladin defeated the Crusaders at what battle by setting a trap for them at Tiberias?
a. Battle of Tiberias
b. Battle of Salamis
c. Battle of Hattin
d. Battle of Thermopylae
e. Battle of Zama

8. True or False: Saladin captured Jerusalem after a short siege of around a week.

9. What did the Treaty of Jaffa say?
a. That no Christians could enter the city of Jerusalem
b. That no Muslims could enter the city of Jerusalem
c. That all of Israel belonged to the Holy Roman Empire
d. That the Muslims controlled Jerusalem, but Christians were allowed to visit
e. That the Christians controlled Jerusalem, but Muslims were allowed to visit

10. What happened to the people of Jerusalem who could not buy their freedom from Saladin?
a. They were executed
b. They were sent to Europe
c. They were sold into slavery
d. They had to remain in Jerusalem
e. They were sent to Egypt

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