Rachel Carson

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Questions on this quiz are based on information from
Rachel Carson.

1. Where was Rachel Carson born?
a. New York
b. Pennsylvania
c. Ohio
d. Illinois
e. North Carolina

2. What type of scientist was Rachel Carson?
a. Nuclear physicist
b. Astronomer
c. Chemist
d. Marine biologist
e. Geologist

3. What Rachel Carson book made her famous and spent over 80 weeks on the New York Times Best Seller list?
a. The Ocean Below
b. The Land of Time
c. The Sea Around Us
d. The Pacific Rim
e. Marine Animals of the World

4. What pesticide did Rachel Carson believe made people sick and hurt the environment?
a. DDT
b. Acephate
c. Paraquat
d. Bentazone
e. HCH

5. What book by Rachel Carson exposed the dangers of pesticides to the public?
a. The Ocean Below
b. The Sea Around Us
c. Crops
d. Deadly Farming
e. Silent Spring

6. Where did Rachel Carson grow up?
a. On an island
b. On a farm
c. In an orphanage
d. In a big city
e. None of the above

7. Rachel Carson is often considered the founder of what branch of science?
a. Physics
b. Chemistry
c. Geology
d. Environmental
e. Biology

8. True or False: Rachel Carson called for the banning of all pesticides in the United States.

9. What government agency did Rachel Carson work for as the chief editor of publications?
a. U.S. State Department
b. Department of Agriculture
c. Rural Development
d. Food Safety
e. Fish and Wildlife Service

10. True or False: The pesticide DDT is now banned in the United States.

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