Princess Diana

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Princess Diana.

1. Where was Princess Diana born?
a. London, England
b. York, England
c. Paris, France
d. Norfolk, England
e. Cardiff, Wales

2. What job did Princess Diana take after returning to England from finishing school?
a. Horse trainer
b. Kindergarten assistant
c. Server in a restaurant
d. Third grade teacher
e. Dog walker

3. What was Princess Diana's nickname?
a. Lilibet
b. The Merry Princess
c. Lady Di
d. Mrs. Charles
e. Silly Diana

4. How old was Princess Diana when she first met Prince Charles?
a. Seven
b. Eleven
c. Thirteen
d. Sixteen
e. Nineteen

5. What was Princess Diana's last name before she got married?
a. Spencer
b. Jones
c. Rigg
d. Ross
e. Hayden

6. What was Princess Diana's official title after she married Prince Charles?
a. Princess of England
b. Princess of Scotland
c. Queen of England
d. Queen of Wales
e. Princess of Wales

7. According to the article, why did Diana spend so little time with her husband Prince Charles?
a. She was busy being princess
b. He went fishing and hiking a lot
c. The prince was off fighting a war
d. Prince Charles was busy running the country
e. She didn't really like him

8. What was the name of Princess Diana's first child?
a. Henry
b. George
c. William
d. Charles
e. James

9. What weapon of warfare did Princess Diana try to outlaw?
a. Atomic bombs
b. Machine guns
c. Submarines
d. Landmines
e. Hand grenades

10. How did Princess Diana die?
a. In a car accident
b. From cancer
c. She was assassinated
d. She committed suicide
e. None of the above

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