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Michael Jordan.

1. Where was Michael Jordan born?
a. Charlotte, North Carolina
b. Brooklyn, New York
c. Montgomery, Alabama
d. Miami, Florida
e. Chicago, Illinois

2. Where did Michael Jordan go to college?
a. University of Kansas
c. University of Georgia
d. University of North Carolina
e. He didn't go to college he went straight to the NBA from high school

3. How many NBA championships did Michael Jordan win?
a. 0
b. 1
c. 2
d. 4
e. 6

4. What NBA team drafted Michael Jordan?
a. Chicago Bulls
b. Los Angeles Lakers
c. Boston Celtics
d. Detroit Pistons
e. New York Nicks

5. Who was Phil Jackson?
a. Michael Jordan's high school coach
b. The point guard on all of Michael Jordan's championship teams
c. Michael Jordan's person trainer
d. Michael's best friend and agent
e. Michael Jordan's coach at the Chicago Bulls

6. What was the 'Dream Team'?
a. The nickname for Michael's business partners after he retired from basketball
b. The brand name given to Michael's shoes
c. The nickname for the 1992 USA Olympic basketball team
d. The nickname given to the best 4 teammates Michael played with while a pro
e. All of the above

7. What was the last NBA team that Michael Jordan played for?
a. Charlotte Hornets
b. Washington Wizards
c. Chicago Bulls
d. Los Angeles Lakers
e. New York Nicks

8. What other professional sport (besides basketball) did Michael Jordan play?
a. Football
b. Soccer
c. Tennis
e. Baseball

9. What was the brand name for Michael Jordan's famous Nike shoe?
a. Air Jordan
b. Jordan Zoom
c. The Question
d. All Stars
e. The Weapon

10. True or False: Although Michael Jordan was a great scorer, he was considered a poor defensive player.

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