Martha Stewart

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Questions on this quiz are based on information from
Martha Stewart.

1. Where did Martha Stewart grow up?
a. New York
b. Rhode Island
c. Massachusetts
d. Connecticut
e. New Jersey

2. According to the article, what did Martha Stewart learn from her grandmother?
a. How to sew
b. About gardening
c. How to preserve foods and make jams
d. How to decorate a house
e. How to cook

3. What did Martha Stewart do to help pay for college?
a. Worked as a stockbroker
b. Modeled
c. Sold clothing
d. Cooked as a private chef
e. Opened her own catering company

4. True or False: Martha Stewart worked as a criminal lawyer for six years.

5. How did Martha Stewart first become famous?
a. Writing books
b. Modeling
c. Acting
d. Singing
e. As a talk show host

6. What kind of books did Martha Stewart write?
a. Finance books
b. Science fiction
c. Historical fiction
d. Investing books
e. Cooking and party books

7. What is the name of Martha Stewart's magazine?
a. Martha Stewart Cooking
b. Home Magazine
c. Martha Stewart Living
d. Decorating with Martha Stewart
e. Martha Stewart Home

8. What did Martha Stewart go to jail for?
a. Embezzlement
b. Domestic abuse
c. Copyright violation
d. Insider trading
e. Not paying her taxes

9. What famous reality TV show did Martha Stewart host for a time?
a. Survivor
b. The Apprentice
c. The Bachelor
d. American Idol
e. America's Next Top Model

10. Which of the following does Martha Stewart like?
a. Rap music
b. Hot dogs
c. Bulldogs
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

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