Marie Antoinette

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Marie Antoinette.

1. Where was Marie Antoinette born?
a. Paris, France
b. London, England
c. Vienna, Austria
d. Versailles, France
e. Rome, Italy

2. Who was Marie Antoinette's husband?
a. Napoleon Bonaparte
b. King Louis XVI
c. King Henry IV
d. King Louis XI
e. King Francis I

3. Marie Antoinette was queen of what country?
a. Italy
b. Austria
c. Germany
d. Spain
e. France

4. Marie Antoinette was known for extravagant spending on what items?
a. Hairdos
b. Dresses
c. Jewelry
d. Chocolate
e. All of the above

5. A scandal over what item damaged Marie Antoinette's reputation with the people?
a. Golden bracelet
b. Sapphire brooch
c. Silk dress
d. Diamond necklace
e. Emerald earrings

6. What major event occurred that caused the King of France to lose power?
a. French Revolution
b. 100 Years War
c. World War I
d. Napoleonic Wars
e. Italian Wars

7. Her reputation for spending lots of money earned Marie Antoinette what nickname?
a. The Golden Lady
b. Madame Deficit
c. Lady Spend-a-lot
d. Queen of Debt
e. Cake lady

8. What event is considered the start of the French Revolution?
a. The Terror
b. The King's Execution
c. The Storming of the Bastille
d. The Directory
e. The Estates General

9. How did Marie Antoinette die?
a. She starved to death in prison
b. She died of old age in England
c. She was pushed off a bridge
d. She was killed in battle
e. She was executed by guillotine

10. What famous saying is attributed to Marie Antoinette (even though she probably didn't say it)?
a. Off with their heads
b. Where there is love there is life
c. Men fight wars. Women win them.
d. Let them eat cake
e. Fortune favors the brave

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