Maria Tallchief

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Maria Tallchief.

1. Where was Maria Tallchief born?
a. Arkansas
b. Arizona
c. Texas
d. Oklahoma
e. California

2. Maria Tallchief was a member of what Native American tribe?
a. Cherokee
b. Navaho
c. Osage
d. Seminole
e. Apache

3. What activity did Maria Tallchief have to give up in order to study dance full time?
a. Basketball
b. Painting
c. Violin
d. Soccer
e. Piano

4. What kind of dancing was Maria Tallchief famous for?
a. Ballet
b. Contemporary
c. Tap Dance
d. Flamenco
e. Folk Dance

5. True or False: Dancing came so easy to Maria Tallchief that she never had to practice.

6. Which of the following best describes Maria Tallchief's childhood?
a. She was an orphan in a big city
b. She grew up on a poor farm
c. She grew up in a wealthy and supportive family
d. She had to beg for food
e. She grew up a princess in Germany

7. What did Maria Tallchief's family call her?
a. Little Chief
b. Anne Marie
c. Maria Ballerina
d. Betty Marie
e. Grace

8. When Maria Tallchief turned seventeen, she moved to what city to pursue her dreams as a dancer?
a. Los Angeles
b. Paris
c. London
d. Rome
e. New York

9. True or False: Maria Tallchief's sister was also a prima ballerina.

10. What does the Native American name 'Wa-Xthe-Thomba' mean?
a. Moves Like an Angel
b. Woman of Two Worlds
c. Light in the Darkness
d. Dances Like Wolves
e. Walks on Wind

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