Kublai Khan

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Kublai Khan.

1. Who was the grandfather of Kublai Khan?
a. A famous poet named Ogedei
b. The first Mongol Emperor named Genghis
c. A peasant farmer named Dayan
d. The Chinese Emperor of the Song
e. A Buddhist monk named Jarun

2. Kublai Khan grew up living in what type of dwelling?
a. A large palace made of stone
b. A wooden hut
c. A large home made from adobe clay
d. A round tent called a yurt
e. None of the above

3. What area of Asia did Kublai Khan rule under his brother Mongke?
a. Southern China
b. Mongolia
c. Korea
d. Western Asia
e. Northern China

4. Who did Kublai Khan have to defeat in a civil war in order to earn the title of Great Khan?
a. His brother Ariq
b. His grandfather Genghis
c. His father Tolui
d. His brother Mongke
e. He received the title in a peaceful transition of power

5. What Chinese dynasty in Southern China did Kublai Khan have to conquer in order to unite China under one rule?
a. Ming
b. Yuan
c. Song
d. Qing
e. Zhou

6. What weapon did Kublai Khan use to conquer the cities of Southern China that he learned from the Persians?
a. Trebuchet
b. Crossbow
c. Sword
d. Pike
e. Ballista

7. Once Kublai Khan united China, what dynasty did he establish?
a. Song
b. Ming
c. Qing
d. Yuan
e. Zhou

8. What did Kublai Khan do to improve and strengthen China during his rule?
a. Built roads and canals
b. Established trade routes
c. Protected merchants on the Silk Road
d. Brought in foreign ideas and culture
e. All of the above

9. True or False: Kublai Khan established a caste system in China with the Southern Chinese at the top and the Mongols at the bottom.

10. What was the name of Kublai Khan's southern palace where he met the Italian explorer Marco Polo?
a. Beijing
b. Hangzhou
c. Xanadu
d. Nanjing
e. Luoyang

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