Joan of Arc

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Joan of Arc.

1. Where did Joan of Arc grow up?
a. England
b. Spain
c. France
d. Germany
e. Italy

2. What did Joan of Arc's father do for a living?
a. Knight for the king
b. Slave
c. Her father was the king of France
d. Farmer
e. General in the army

3. Why did Joan of Arc think she was supposed to lead the French army to victory?
a. She saw visions from God
b. Her father told her
c. She was a great fighter
d. She was a tactical genius in the art of war
e. A talking horse told her

4. Who did Joan of Arc fight against?
a. Spain
b. Germany
c. Belgium
d. Italy
e. England

5. In what war did Joan of Arc fight?
a. Seven Years War
b. World War I
c. Hundred Years War
d. Napoleonic Wars
e. French Revolution

6. In what famous battle did Joan of Arc lead the French to victory?
a. Battle of the Somme
b. Siege of Orleans
c. Battle of Waterloo
d. First Battle of the Marne
e. Battle of Hastings

7. What city was Joan of Arc defending when she was captured?
a. Paris
b. Orleans
c. Lyon
d. Nice
e. Compiegne

8. What did the English find Joan of Arc guilty of?
a. Dressing like a man
b. High treason
c. Murder
d. Spying
e. Nothing

9. How was Joan of Arc killed?
a. She was hung
b. She was drawn and quartered
c. She was put into a prison cell and starved to death
d. She was burned alive at the stake
e. She died of disease after being hit by an arrow

10. How old was Joan of Arc when she died?
a. 15
b. 19
c. 22
d. 25
e. 38

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