Jane Goodall

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Questions on this quiz are based on information from
Jane Goodall.

1. Where was Jane Goodall born?
a. New York, USA
b. London, England
c. Paris, France
d. Rome, Italy
e. Copenhagen, Denmark

2. As a child, Jane Goodall dreamed of going to what continent to see the animals?
a. Antarctica
b. Australia
c. North America
d. South America
e. Africa

3. What animals did Jane Goodall spend most of her time studying and observing?
a. Gorillas
b. Elephants
c. Chimpanzees
d. Tigers
e. Zebras

4. What scientific training did Jane Goodall have that prepared her for studying animals?
a. A degree in zoology
b. She was a veterinarian
c. Several years working with a team that studied the American Bison
d. A masters in biology
e. She had no formal training on the subject

5. What unique method did Jane Goodall use to identify different chimpanzees?
a. She gave them names
b. She gave each chimp a number
c. She tagged them with bright stickers
d. She installed tracking chips under their skin
e. She didn't use any way of identifying the animals

6. What did Jane Goodall discover about what chimpanzees eat in the wild?
a. She learned that they only ate insects
b. She observed chimpanzees using fire to cook their food
c. She found that they hunted for meat
d. She found that the male chimps gathered food for the troop
e. She learned that they only ate plants

7. True or False: Jane Goodall discovered that all chimpanzees have very similar personalities.

8. Jane Goodall was the first to observe animals using ______ in the wild.
a. Fire
b. Trees as homes
c. Their hands
d. Tools
e. Vocal communication

9. Why did Jane Goodall leave her chimpanzee troop?
a. She got sick and had to return home
b. The troop broke up when the leader died
c. She wanted to return to England to write a book
d. She became tired of living with chimpanzees
e. She was kicked out by a new troop leader

10. True or False: Jane Goodall lived with a chimpanzee troop as a member for over 8 years.

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