George Washington Carver

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George Washington Carver.

1. In what state was George Washington Carver born?
a. Georgia
b. Missouri
c. Mississippi
d. Alabama
e. Ohio

2. Which of the following best describes what we know of George Washington Carver's mother?
a. She was a slave who escaped to Canada where she raised George
b. She was a free woman who ran her own small farm
c. She was a servant for a wealthy Boston family
d. She was a slave who was kidnapped by slave raiders
e. She died in childbirth

3. Who raised George Washington Carver?
a. His brothers and sisters
b. He was adopted by a science professor
c. His mother
d. His grandmother
e. After being set free by the 13th Amendment, George was raised by his former owners

4. What type of scientist was George Washington Carver?
a. Botanist
b. Chemist
c. Physicist
d. Biologist
e. Geologist

5. What three favorite subjects did George combine when choosing his degree in collage?
a. Math, Weather, Art
b. Plants, Science, Art
c. Music, History, Science
d. Music, Art, Physics
e. Planets, Math, Electronics

6. George Washington Carver spent most of his life as a professor at what school?
a. University of Alabama
b. Iowa State
c. Tuskegee Institute
d. Georgia Tech
e. North Carolina State University

7. What boll weevil resistant crop did Carver recommend that farmers plant instead of cotton?
a. Tobacco
b. Oranges
c. Avocados
d. Lettuce
e. Peanuts

8. True or False: George Washington Carver became rich off of the patents for his many inventions.

9. By what nickname was George Washington Carver known throughout the South?
a. The Peanut Butter Man
b. The Rotator
c. Professor Peanut
d. The Farmer's Best Friend
e. The Weevil Master

10. What U.S. President did Carver advise on matters of agriculture?
a. Jimmy Carter
b. Abraham Lincoln
c. Theodore Roosevelt
d. Dwight Eisenhower
e. Herbert Hoover

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