Genghis Khan

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Genghis Khan.

1. Genghis Khan grew up in what modern-day country?
a. China
b. Mongolia
c. Korea
d. Japan
e. Vietnam

2. What was the name of Genghis Khan's people?
a. Tartars
b. Muslims
c. Chinese
d. Japanese
e. Mongols

3. What was Genghis Khan's name as a boy?
a. Kublai
b. Yesugai
c. Jebe
d. Jochi
e. Temujin

4. Why did Genghis Khan want revenge on the Tartars?
a. For poisoning his father
b. For executing his mother
c. Because they attacked his tribe and killed his brothers
d. For kidnapping his wife and sister
e. All of the above

5. What does the name Genghis Khan mean?
a. Strongest of men
b. Rider of horses
c. Ruler of all
d. Straight arrow
e. It had no real meaning

6. What did Genghis and the Mongol army use to communicate on the battlefield?
a. Flags
b. Drums
c. Smoke signals
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

7. What was a 'guran'?
a. A general in the Mongol army
b. A group of 1000 soldiers in the Mongol army
c. A name used for the leader of the Mongol enemies
d. A type of war horse used the Mongols
e. A Mongol weapon similar to a bow and arrow

8. What region did Genghis Khan conquer after uniting the Mongols under one rule?
a. Northern China
b. Northern Korea
c. Japan
d. Russia
e. None of the above

9. Why did Genghis Khan attack and destroy the Muslim cities to the west?
a. Because they did not respect him
b. Because he wanted to take control of the Silk Road trade route
c. Because he wanted to destroy the Muslim religion
d. Because they killed the members of a Mongol trade delegation
e. He had no reason

10. What type of house did Genghis Khan prefer to live in?
a. Log cabin
b. Cave
c. Castle
d. Palace
e. Yurt

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