Eli Whitney

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Eli Whitney.

1. Where was Eli Whitney born?
a. Georgia
b. Massachusetts
c. London
d. Philadelphia
e. Paris

2. What invention is Eli Whitney most famous for?
a. Sewing machine
b. Telephone
c. Telegraph
d. Cotton gin
e. Peanut butter

3. After graduating from Yale, Eli Whitney traveled to what state with plans to work as a tutor?
a. Georgia
b. Virginia
c. New York
d. North Carolina
e. Alabama

4. What was the name of the plantation where Eli Whitney stayed with Mrs. Greene?
a. Oak Alley
b. Monticello
c. Magnolia Plantation
d. Belle Meade
e. Mulberry Grove

5. Why had many plantation owners in the South stopped growing cotton?
a. Because nobody wanted to buy cotton
b. Because it was expensive to clean
c. Because it was illegal to grow cotton in the South
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

6. Which of the following best describes the function of a cotton gin?
a. It picked cotton from the fields
b. It turned cotton into a soft fabric
c. It cleaned the seeds from the cotton
d. It converted cotton into a drink called gin
e. It made thread from cotton plants

7. True or False: Eli Whitney became rich and purchased his own plantation from the money he made from his cotton gin patents.

8. What was the result of the invention of the cotton gin?
a. Southern farmers made a lot of money growing cotton
b. More slaves were needed in the South to help pick cotton
c. Slaves became more important and valuable to Southern plantation owners
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

9. Eli Whitney used the idea of interchangeable parts to mass produce what product?
a. Automobiles
b. Light bulbs
c. Musical instruments
d. Watches
e. Muskets

10. What does the word 'gin' in 'cotton gin' stand for?
a. Origin
b. Engine
c. Begin
d. Margin
e. Nothing, it is just a nonsense word

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