Clara Barton

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Clara Barton.

1. Where was Clara Barton born?
a. Virginia
b. North Carolina
c. Ohio
d. Massachusetts
e. New York

2. What family member did Clara nurse back to health when she was a young girl?
a. Brother
b. Father
c. Uncle
d. Sister
e. Mother

3. What degree did Clara Barton earn at college?
a. Nursing
b. Education
c. Medicine
d. Engineering
e. She didn't attend college

4. During what war did Clara Barton work as a nurse and help provide medical supplies to soldiers?
a. American Revolutionary War
b. Mexican-American War
c. Civil War
d. World War I
e. World War II

5. What president of the United States did Clara work with on women's rights in the workplace?
a. Thomas Jefferson
b. Theodore Roosevelt
c. Woodrow Wilson
d. Abraham Lincoln
e. Andrew Johnson

6. What nickname did Clara earn as a nurse during the war?
a. Angel of Death
b. Sweet Clara
c. Doctor Barton
d. Wonder Woman
e. Angel of the Battlefield

7. What organization did Clara Barton found in the United States?
a. American Red Cross
b. Girl Scouts
c. American Medical Association
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

8. Why was Clara fired from the patent office in Washington, D.C.?
a. Because she was constantly late to work
b. Because she didn't understand how patents worked
c. She did not get along with her boss
d. Because she was a woman
e. Because she wasn't a hard worker

9. How many children did Clara Barton have?
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 6
e. None, she never married or had children

10. According to the article, what life saving material does the Red Cross help supply to hospitals across the United States today?
a. Organs
b. Blood
c. Trained nurses
d. Doctors
e. X-ray machines

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