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1. During what period of history did Charlemagne rule?
a. Stone Age
b. Iron Age
c. Middle Ages
d. Renaissance
e. 1800s CE

2. What name has been given to the people that Charlemagne ruled over?
a. Celts
b. Saxons
c. Normans
d. Vikings
e. Franks

3. Who was the first king of the Franks to unite the Franks under one rule?
a. Clovis
b. Pepin the Short
c. Charlemagne
d. Louis the Pious
e. Otto

4. The Franks mostly lived in what modern day country?
a. Italy
b. France
c. Germany
d. United Kingdom
e. Spain

5. What land did Charlemagne conquer as part of his expansion of the Frankish Empire?
a. Spain
b. Germany
c. Northern Italy
d. Bavaria
e. All of the above

6. What was the Fossa Carolina?
a. A great cathedral built by Charlemagne in the city of Paris
b. The road leading from Rome to Paris
c. The name of Charlemagne's favorite horse
d. A canal connecting the Rhine and Danube rivers
e. The monetary unit introduced by Charlemagne

7. Charlemagne is considered the founding father of what two European monarchies?
a. England and France
b. England and Germany
c. France and Germany
d. France and Spain
e. Germany and Spain

8. The Pope crowned Charlemagne emperor over what Empire?
a. German Empire
b. British Empire
c. Egyptian Empire
d. Holy Roman Empire
e. European Union

9. True or False: Charlemagne considered education to be a waste of time and refused to allow his people to learn to read or write.

10. Which of the following did Charlemagne institute while leader of the Franks?
a. He established a new monetary standard
b. A introduced government control of prices
c. He instituted laws on money lending
d. He set up schools in monasteries throughout Europe
e. All of the above

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