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Benito Mussolini.

1. Benito Mussolini ruled as dictator over what country?
a. Germany
b. Spain
c. Italy
d. Austria
e. Russia

2. Which of the following best describes Benito Mussolini's family as a child?
a. He was an orphan who lived on the streets by himself
b. His father was a blacksmith and his mother a teacher
c. He parents were peasants and he grew up on a small farm in rural Italy
d. He grew up in the royal palace as the heir to the throne
e. His parents were wealthy aristocrats and his father a general in the army

3. Benito Mussolini fought in what war after parting ways with the socialist party?
a. Crimean War
b. American Revolutionary War
c. World War II
d. World War I
e. Mussolini never fought in battle

4. What political party did Mussolini help to establish in Italy?
a. Fascist Party
b. Communist Party
c. Socialist Party
d. Democratic Party
e. Nazi Party

5. Who were the 'Black Shirts'?
a. An elite fighting force in the Italian army during World War II
b. The secret police that gathered intelligence for Mussolini
c. People who protested against Mussolini's fascist government
d. Any enemy of the state
e. Members of the Fascist Political Party in Italy

6. True or False: Fascist governments are usually ruled by an elected legislature.

7. Benito Mussolini was known by what nickname after he took power as dictator of Italy?
a. Der Fuhrer
b. Dear Leader
c. Il Duce
d. El Comandante
e. El Jefe

8. What was the 'Pact of Steel'?
a. The political party started by Benito Mussolini
b. A trade agreement between Italy and Japan
c. The name of the elite tank troops in the Italian army
d. A political alliance between Germany and Italy
e. The name given to the group of advisors that worked closely with Mussolini

9. What country did Benito Mussolini ally with during World War II?
a. France
b. United States
c. Russia
d. United Kingdom
e. Germany

10. How did Benito Mussolini die?
a. He was executed and hung upside down at a gas station
b. He escaped to Austria where he died in battle
c. He was exiled to the Netherlands where he died of old age
d. He had a heart attack while hiding out in France
e. He tripped while marching and was run over by a tank

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