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Annie Oakley.

1. Where was Annie Oakley born?
a. Ohio
b. California
c. Utah
d. Kentucky
e. Arizona

2. What was Annie Oakley's birth name?
a. Mary Ann Oakley
b. Elizabeth Ann Smith
c. Ann Johnson
d. Phoebe Ann Mosey
e. Annie Oakley

3. How did Annie help feed her family growing up?
a. Cooking
b. Working on the farm
c. Singing in a local playhouse
d. Working in a factory
e. Hunting

4. Which of the following best describes Annie Oakley's childhood?
a. She grew up in a poor family in the city
b. She had a difficult childhood after her father died
c. Her father was a powerful politician
d. She grew up on a plantation in the South
e. She grew up in Germany and immigrated to the United States as a teenager

5. What was Annie Oakley most known for?
a. Her singing voice
b. Her dancing ability
c. Her skill at shooting a gun
d. Her comedic acting skills
e. Her beauty

6. How old was Annie Oakley when she won her first sharpshooting contest in Cincinnati?
a. 9
b. 15
c. 19
d. 22
e. 28

7. Who did Annie Oakley defeat in her first sharpshooting contest?
a. Buffalo Bill
b. Wild Bill Hickok
c. Wyatt Earp
d. Frank Butler
e. Jesse James

8. What trick did Annie Oakley perform during her sharpshooting shows?
a. She would split a playing card at the edge with a shot
b. She would shoot out burning candles
c. She would hit dimes thrown into the air
d. She would shoot a cigarette from her husband's lips
e. All of the above

9. True or False: Annie Oakley would sometimes perform difficult sharpshooting skills while standing on the back of a galloping horse.

10. Annie Oakley became a star as part of what famous show?
a. Rough Riders of the World
b. Grand Ole Opry
c. Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show
d. Ringling Brothers
e. Johnny Cash Show

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