Anne Frank

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Questions on this quiz are based on information from
Anne Frank.

1. Where was Anne Frank born?
a. Netherlands
b. Russia
c. France
d. Germany
e. Denmark

2. What career did young Anne Frank hope to pursue someday?
a. Writer
b. Airplane pilot
c. Teacher
d. Scientist
e. Dancer

3. Why did Anne Frank and her family leave Germany?
a. Because her father was changing jobs
b. Because Adolf Hitler did not like Jewish people
c. To live near relatives
d. Because her father had committed a crime
e. Because they didn't like the people in Germany

4. Where did Anne Frank and her family go when they left Germany?
a. England
b. Denmark
c. France
d. Spain
e. Netherlands

5. What war began while Anne Frank was a young girl?
a. World War I
b. Vietnam War
c. World War II
d. Cold War
e. Seven Years War

6. What did the Frank family do when the Germans invaded?
a. Joined the resistance and became soldiers
b. Fled the country
c. Separated and hid in different parts of the country
d. Turned themselves over to the authorities
e. Hid in a secret hiding place for years

7. How did Anne Frank address her diary when writing an entry?
a. Hello Diary
b. Dear Kitty
c. Hello Friend
d. Dear Diary
e. Hello Kitty

8. True or False: The Frank family were selfish with their hiding spot and didn't let anyone else hide there.

9. Where was Anne Frank taken after the Germans discovered her family's hiding place?
a. To prison
b. To school
c. To a concentration camp
d. She was kicked out of the country and sent to England
e. They did not take Anne, but took her parents away

10. How did Anne Frank die?
a. She was shot when trying to escape
b. From cancer at an old age
c. In a horrible car accident
d. From a disease in a concentration camp
e. She is still alive today

About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the Anne Frank page at

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