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Amelia Earhart.

1. In what U.S. state was Amelia Earhart born?
a. New York
b. California
c. Kansas
d. Ohio
e. Illinois

2. According to the article, what did Amelia Earhart see at the Iowa State Fair when she was eleven years old?
a. Roller coaster
b. Flying squirrel
c. Jet pack
d. Wright Brothers airplane
e. Flying saucer

3. What career had Amelia Earhart settled on before she took her first airplane flight?
a. Medical research
b. Teacher
c. Secretary
d. Politics
e. Electrical engineering

4. What was the name of Amelia Earhart's first plane?
a. Angel
b. Eagle
c. Banjo
d. Chipmunk
e. Canary

5. What role did Amelia Earhart have on her first flight across the Atlantic Ocean?
a. Pilot
b. Navigator
c. Co-pilot
d. Passenger
e. Flight attendant

6. Amelia Earhart was the second person to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean, who was the first?
a. John Glenn
b. Slim Gordon
c. Charles Lindbergh
d. Howard Hughes
e. Glenn Curtiss

7. Where did Amelia Earhart land her plane after she crossed the Atlantic Ocean during her solo flight?
a. London, England
b. Paris, France
c. Spain
d. Northern Ireland
e. Denmark

8. What ocean was Amelia Earhart flying over when she disappeared?
a. Indian
b. Atlantic
c. Southern
d. Arctic
e. Pacific

9. Where was Amelia Earhart's plane finally found?
a. Howard Island
b. Hawaiian Islands
c. Australia
d. Japan
e. It was never found

10. Who did Amelia Earhart marry in 1931?
a. Charles Lindbergh
b. George Putnam
c. John Glenn
d. Howard Hughes
e. Slim Gordon

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