Abigail Adams

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Abigail Adams.

1. Where was Abigail Adams born?
a. Virginia
b. North Carolina
c. Ohio
d. Massachusetts
e. New York

2. Where did Abigail learn to read and write?
a. At the local school
b. Her mom taught her
c. At an all-girl school
d. She had a private tutor
e. She never learned to read or write

3. Abigail and her son John Quincy climbed a hill to witness what Revolutionary War battle?
a. Battle of Bunker Hill
b. Battle of Saratoga
c. Battle of Cowpens
d. Siege of Yorktown
e. Battle of Trenton

4. Who did Abigail marry that later became president of the United States?
a. George Adams
b. John Adams
c. William Adams
d. Thomas Adams
e. James Adams

5. Abigail Adams was the _____ First Lady of the United States.
a. First
b. Second
c. Third
d. Fourth
e. Fifth

6. True or False: Abigail's son, John Quincy, became president of the United States.

7. How did Abigail communicate with her husband during the Revolutionary War?
a. Telegraph
b. Email
c. They had no way to communicate
d. Telephone
e. Letters

8. Abigail Adams had strong opinions on which of the following political issues?
a. She was against slavery
b. She believed in the equal rights of all people
c. She thought everyone should get an education
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

9. What other First Lady had both a husband and a son become president?
a. Martha Washington
b. Jacqueline Kennedy
c. Barbara Bush
d. Dolly Madison
e. Eleanor Roosevelt

10. What was Abigail's nickname as a child?
a. Abby
b. Nabby
c. Gail
d. Sissy
e. Daisy

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