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Nelson Mandela.

1. Where was Nelson Mandela born?
a. Egypt
b. Kenya
c. South Africa
d. Somalia
e. Tunisia

2. What is apartheid?
a. A set of laws insuring the equal rights of all people
b. A political party in South Africa
c. The systematic killing of people of one race
d. A government system where people were separated by the color of their skin
e. A type of government similar to communism

3. What type of degree did Nelson Mandela earn from the University of Witwatersrand?
a. Medical doctor
b. Law
c. Engineering
d. Political science
e. History

4. What political group did Nelson Mandela become a leader of early on in his fight against apartheid?
a. African National Congress
b. Democratic National Party
c. Union of South Africa
d. United African Association
e. Republican National Party

5. Why was Nelson Mandela first arrested by the South African government?
a. For peaceful protests of Apartheid
b. For speaking out against Apartheid
c. For planning to bomb buildings
d. For refusing to give up his seat on the bus
e. None of the above

6. How long did Nelson Mandela spend in prison?
a. 6 months
b. 2 years
c. 5 years
d. 9 years
e. 27 years

7. How did Nelson Mandela get the name 'Nelson'?
a. From his parents at birth
b. From his brothers
c. A nickname his friends gave him
d. From a teacher in school
e. From a guard in prison

8. True or False: Nelson Mandela never realized his dream and Apartheid is still practiced in South Africa.

9. What government position was Nelson Mandela elected to in 1994?
a. Governor
b. Mayor
c. President
d. Prime Minister
e. King

10. What day is celebrated as Nelson Mandela Day?
a. July 18th
b. August 12th
c. September 28th
d. November 19th
e. December 5th

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