Mother Teresa

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Mother Teresa.

1. In what modern-day country was Mother Teresa born?
a. Greece
b. India
c. Macedonia
d. Turkey
e. Italy

2. Mother Teresa was a part of what major religious group?
a. Islam
b. Catholicism
c. Hinduism
d. Confucianism
e. None, she was an atheist

3. What was Mother Teresa's birth name?
a. Teresa
b. Catherine
c. Mary
d. Agnes
e. Hannah

4. Mother Teresa became a missionary in what country?
a. Greece
b. Italy
c. Macedonia
d. Turkey
e. India

5. What group did Mother Teresa form in 1950 to help the poor and needy?
a. Loreto Abby
b. Missionaries of Charity
c. Red Cross
d. Salvation Army
e. United Way

6. True or False: When she first began helping the poor, Mother Teresa often went hungry herself and sometimes had to beg for food.

7. What job did Mother Teresa have when she first went to India?
a. Teacher
b. Doctor
c. Cook
d. Seamstress
e. Minister

8. Who did Mother Teresa want to help with her charity?
a. The homeless
b. The crippled
c. The blind
d. Lepers
e. All of the above

9. How many members does the Missionaries of Charity have today?
a. 13
b. 100
c. 300
d. 1000
e. Over 4000

10. What did Mother Teresa ask to do instead of having an honor banquet when she won the Nobel Peace Prize?
a. She asked for a new car instead
b. She asked that the money for the banquet be used to build her mother a house
c. She asked that the money for the banquet be given to the poor of India
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

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