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Martin Luther King, Jr..

1. Where was Martin Luther King, Jr. born?
a. Maryland
b. Alabama
c. Georgia
d. Massachusetts
e. Virginia

2. Who was Martin Luther King, Jr.'s wife?
a. Karen Jones
b. Sylvia Latta
c. Kelly Seaton
d. Elizabeth Harrison
e. Coretta Scott

3. Before getting involved in the civil rights movement, what was Martin Luther King, Jr.'s job?
a. Lawyer
b. Minister
c. Medical doctor
d. Professor
e. Actor

4. What was the first major civil rights action that Martin Luther King, Jr. led?
a. Little Rock Nine
b. March on Washington
c. Birmingham Campaign
d. Montgomery Bus Boycott
e. Bloody Sunday

5. What did Rosa Parks do to get arrested?
a. She refused to give up her seat on the bus to a white person
b. She tried to vote
c. She drank from the wrong water fountain
d. She sat in the wrong car on a train
e. She damaged public property during a protest

6. What legislation was passed in 1964 as a result of the March on Washington?
a. Thirteenth Amendment
b. Disabilities Act
c. Civil Rights Act
d. Social Security Act
e. Voter's Rights Act

7. What name has been given to the speech Martin Luther King, Jr. gave at the March on Washington?
a. One Day
b. Washington Address
c. We March
d. We the People
e. I Have a Dream

8. What type of protests did Martin Luther King, Jr. organize?
a. Violent
b. Destructive
c. Non-violent
d. Armed attacks
e. All of the above

9. True or False: Martin Luther King, Jr. was arrested and his house was bombed during the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

10. How did Martin Luther King, Jr. die?
a. He died in a car bomb
b. He suffered a heart attack while giving a speech
c. He died from cancer
d. He was shot by an assassin
e. He died from old age in his home in Atlanta

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