Zheng He

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Zheng He.

1. In what country was Zheng He born?
a. England
b. Portugal
c. China
d. Spain
e. Japan

2. When was Zheng He born?
a. 1371
b. 1411
c. 1485
d. 1522
e. 1590

3. What is Zheng He most known for?
a. Led the first expedition to circumnavigate the globe
b. Exploring the Louisiana Territory and the Pacific Northwest
c. Conquering the Inca Empire
d. Exploring Florida and searching for the Fountain of Youth
e. Treasure voyages to India

4. What happened to Zheng He when the Ming Dynasty took over while he was still a boy?
a. He became a farmer
b. He joined the army
c. He became a slave to one of the emperor's sons
d. He went to work on a barge on the Grand Canal
e. He became an apprentice to a blacksmith

5. What Chinese emperor commanded Zheng He to make his first voyage?
a. Jingtai Emperor
b. Yongle Emperor
c. Hongzhi Emperor
d. Shunzhi Emperor
e. Kangxi Emperor

6. How many voyages did Zhen He make?
a. 2
b. 4
c. 6
d. 7
e. 8

7. How many ships do historians estimate that Zheng He commanded on his first voyage?
a. 3
b. 7
c. 15
d. 60
e. Over 200

8. According to the article, what are two animals that Zheng He brought back to China from foreign lands?
a. Elephant and alligator
b. Monkey and Gila monster
c. Giraffe and camel
d. Lion and zebra
e. Tiger and grizzly bear

9. What was Zhen He's title when he commanded the voyages?
a. General
b. Captain
c. Admiral
d. Chief Envoy
e. Assistant Emperor

10. What term do we use today to describe the type of ships used by Zheng He?
a. Barque
b. Junk
c. Clipper
d. Pram
e. Schooner

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