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Vasco da Gama.

1. In what country was Vasco da Gama born?
a. Spain
b. Portugal
c. France
d. Italy
e. England

2. When was Vasco da Gama born?
a. 1460
b. 1610
c. 1687
d. 1728
e. 1801

3. What was Vasco da Gama most known for?
a. Exploring the South Pacific
b. Starting the European exploration of America
c. First European to sail from Europe to India by going around Africa
d. First to circumnavigate the globe
e. First to visit the South Pole

4. Who discovered the Cape of Good Hope around the tip of Africa?
a. Vasco da Gama
b. Ferdinand Magellan
c. Sir Francis Drake
d. Bartolemeu Dias
e. Hernan Cortes

5. Why did the King of Portugal want to find a sailing route to India?
a. He wanted to mine for gold in India
b. He wanted to establish tourism to India
c. He wanted to trade with Africa
d. He wanted to personally travel to India, but only by ship
e. He wanted to become rich trading for spices

6. How many ships did Vasco da Gama take on his first voyage?
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4
e. 5

7. Which of the following best describes the return trip of Vasco da Gama's first voyage?
a. It took much longer and half of his men died from scurvy
b. Monsoon winds made the trip back much faster
c. Three of his ships sunk in a storm
d. He was attacked by the Arab Navy and barely escaped
e. He had to return by land

8. What was the main purpose of Vasco da Gama's second voyage?
a. To trade for horses
b. To show the might of the Portuguese navy
c. To establish a colony in India
d. To find a shorter route to India
e. To trade for spices

9. who was originally given command of the first voyage to India?
a. Christopher Columbus
b. Ferdinand Magellan
c. Sir Francis Drake
d. Bartolemeu Dias
e. Vasco's father, Estevao

10. How did Vasco da Gama die?
a. He fell off his ship and drowned
b. He was killed by a pirate
c. He died of Malaria in India
d. His ship was lost in a storm
e. He died of old age in Portugal

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