Sir Francis Drake

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Sir Francis Drake.

1. In what country was Sir Francis Drake born?
a. Spain
b. Portugal
c. France
d. Italy
e. England

2. What did Sir Francis Drake and John Hawkins trade during Drake's first expedition to the New World?
a. Wool
b. Slaves
c. Gold
d. Spices
e. Horses

3. What country attacked Sir Francis Drake's first expedition and sunk several of the ships?
a. Spain
b. Portugal
c. France
d. Italy
e. England

4. True or False: While the English considered Sir Francis Drake a pirate, the Spanish considered him a hero.

5. What does a privateer do?
a. Explores the ocean looking for new trade opportunities
b. Cleans the deck on a ship of the navy
c. A privateer is the same as a captain
d. Attacks enemy trade ships and steals their cargo
e. Protects the queen from assassination

6. Who gave Sir Francis Drake a fleet of ships to plunder the Spanish?
a. Queen Victoria
b. King Edward IV
c. Queen Mary
d. Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain
e. Queen Elizabeth I

7. What accomplishment did Sir Francis Drake make during his expedition to plunder the Spanish?
a. Exploring the South Pacific
b. Starting the European exploration of America
c. First European to sail from Europe to India by going around Africa
d. The second expedition to circumnavigate the globe
e. First to visit the South Pole

8. What major fleet did Sir Francis Drake help to defeat?
a. French Navy
b. Dutch Armada
c. Spanish Armada
d. English Flotilla
e. Portuguese Fleet

9. What helped the English to defeat the Spanish fleet?
a. Many of the Spanish ships changed sides to join the English
b. A large storm caused many of the Spanish ships to sink
c. The English had invented steam power for their ships
d. A thick fog hid the English ships from the Spanish
e. All of the above

10. How did Sir Francis Drake die?
a. He died from dysentery in the New World
b. His ship was sunk by the Spanish
c. He was killed by natives on the Hawaiian Islands
d. He died in a duel with a rival captain
e. He died of old age in his home in England

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