Roald Amundsen

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Roald Amundsen.

1. Where was Roald Amundsen born?
a. United States
b. France
c. Norway
d. England
e. Germany

2. What was Roald Amundsen most known for?
a. First to circumnavigate the globe
b. First man on the moon
c. First to the top of Mount Everest
d. Exploring the South Pacific
e. First to visit the South Pole

3. When was Roald Amundsen born?
a. 1872
b. 1910
c. 1932
d. 1945
e. 1967

4. What was the Northwest Passage?
a. The boat Amundsen used when traveling to the South Pole
b. A sea route between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean
c. The land route to the South Pole
d. A trail through the Rocky Mountains
e. The land route to the North Pole

5. What was the name of Roald's ship when he first discovered the Northwest Passage?
a. Airship
b. Scott
c. Dahl
d. Gjoa
e. Giant Peach

6. How far had the expedition to the South Pole traveled by the time they returned to base camp?
a. 50 miles
b. 100 miles
c. 200 miles
d. 500 miles
e. Over 1800 miles

7. How many men and dogs were part of the expedition to the South Pole at the start?
a. 5 men and 52 dogs
b. 15 men and 8 dogs
c. 11 men and 2 dogs
d. 2 men and 14 dogs
e. 75 men and 20 dogs

8. How many men made it back safely from the South Pole?
a. 1
b. 3
c. 5
d. 7
e. 9

9. What method of transportation did Roald and his team use to travel to the North Pole?
a. Truck
b. Horse
c. Dogsled
d. Airship
e. Skis

10. How did Roald Amundsen die?
a. In his bed at home from pneumonia
b. In a plane crash while trying to rescue some men
c. His ship sunk after hitting an iceberg
d. He froze to death trying to get to the North Pole
e. He didn't, he is still alive

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