Lewis and Clark

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Questions on this quiz are based on information from
Lewis and Clark.

1. In what U.S. state were both Lewis and Clark born?
a. North Carolina
b. New York
c. Virginia
d. Ohio
e. Georgia

2. What are Lewis and Clark most known for?
a. Exploring the South Pacific
b. Exploring the Louisiana Territory and the Pacific Northwest
c. Mapping the Hudson River and the North Atlantic
d. First Europeans to sail from Europe to India by going around Africa
e. They were the first people to visit the South Pole

3. What was the first name of Lewis of the famous Lewis and Clark explorers?
a. Jefferson
b. William
c. Thomas
d. Geoffrey
e. Meriwether

4. What U.S. president hired Lewis and Clark to explore the land west of the United States?
a. Thomas Jefferson
b. Abraham Lincoln
c. George Washington
d. John Adams
e. James Monroe

5. In what U.S. city did the expedition of Lewis and Clark begin?
a. New York
b. New Orleans
c. St. Louis
d. Philadelphia
e. Chicago

6. What river did the Lewis and Clark expedition follow during the first part of their trip?
a. Ohio River
b. Mississippi River
c. Colorado River
d. Missouri River
e. Hudson River

7. Who was Sacagawea?
a. A Native American chief who gave Lewis and Clark food
b. A Native American woman who helped Lewis and Clark as guide and interpreter
c. A French trapper Lewis and Clark met on their expedition
d. A Native American chief who tried to kill Lewis and Clark
e. One of the gods of the Native American tribes that Lewis and Clark met

8. What Native American tribe gave Lewis and Clark food and shelter after they made it through the Rocky Mountains?
a. Nez Perce
b. Shoshone
c. Blackfoot
d. Cherokee
e. Seminole

9. Around how long did it take Lewis and Clark to get to the Pacific Ocean?
a. Two months
b. Four months
c. Six months
d. One year
e. One and a half years

10. True or False: The Lewis and Clark expedition would have likely failed were it not for the help of Native American tribes along the way.

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